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waiting for the up bus

You look out your dealership window, and what do you see? Your sales team sitting on the curb, just waiting for the Up Bus to show up. It's time to take things into your own hands and give your team the knowledge and tools necessary to MAXIMIZE your operations. 

Be proactive and bring the Up Bus to your operations with this innovative Learning Hub.

The Up Bus will provide you with essential information

to help you stay on top of the constantly evolving automotive market.


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Take control and BRING the Up Bus right to your inbox every week. Industry insights, exclusive offers, and more!

The Up Bus podcast is hosted by Lotpop's Jasen Rice, and co-hosted by industry leader Jasen Harris. Each week they go over industry topics and best practices to boost your sales, and weather the storm that is the current automotive industry. 


Want some visuals? Watch the Up Bus Podcast in video form every week on the Lotpop YouTube Channel

View From The Top:

A weekly column written by automotive professionals for automotive professionals. Providing insights on the current market trends from the perspective of an analyst who collaborates with dealerships of various sizes across the country. 

Lotpop founder Jasen Rice compiles a manual that is a deep dive into used car inventory management with the best techniques to bring dealerships to peak performance. Covering the volume strategies, the pitfalls of market data, and pricing strategies that optimize exposure and make sense. Detailing why dealers cannot manage inventory based solely on market data.

WTF: Work The Facts

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