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7 Habits of Highly Effective Used Car Managers.

Daily Team Preparation and Accountability: 

  • Practice: Show up consistently and prepare for daily team meetings.

  • Rationale: Consistency and preparation set the tone for the team, fostering a culture of responsibility and engagement.

Strategic Inventory Management:

  • Practice: Adhere to a solid turn policy (45 or 60 days based on market conditions).

  • Rationale: Holding oneself accountable to inventory turnover ensures proactive decision-making and responsiveness to market demands.

Real-time Online Presence Monitoring:

  • Practice: Check online dealership presence every morning, focusing on vehicles lacking online activity.

  • Rationale: Being aware of online engagement helps in adjusting marketing strategies and identifying underperforming vehicles promptly.

Focus on getting cars priced, described, and pictured fast.

  • Practice: Within the first 15 minutes of aquisitioning a vehicle, have a compelling description and price to market. Have vehicles fully pictured with at least 15 pics within 24-48 hours of acquisition.

  • Rationale: Understanding the dynamics of getting cars fully merchandised and online is of the utmost importance to get attention and start catching leads

Embrace First Loss as Best Loss Philosophy:

  • Practice: Manage inventory based on market conditions, not just on acquisition

  • Rationale: Acknowledging that the first loss is the best loss promotes strategic

Comprehensive Daily Reviews:

  • Practice: Conduct daily reviews encompassing staff, inventory, online connections, leads, and performance statistics.

  • Rationale: Regular reviews ensure a holistic understanding of the dealership's operations, enabling swift adjustments and improvements.

Focus on People, Products, and Processes:

  • Practice: Prioritize the alignment of cars, customers, and consultants through daily engagement.

  • Rationale: Bringing together these key elements fosters a thriving dealership environment and enhances overall performance.

These habits encompass a strategic blend of people management, inventory oversight, online presence, financial focus, and a commitment to continuous improvement. By adhering to these practices, highly effective used car managers can navigate the dynamic automotive market successfully. 

-Jean "Coach" Rollins

Inventory Specialist



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