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Are you jumping ship too early on your leads?

Understanding the Types of Leads

When dealing with leads that come in on cars you have for sale, it's crucial to recognize the different types of customers and tailor your approach accordingly. Many sales reps and managers go for the low-hanging fruit and then give up after a couple of days or a week if they don't sell a car. To maximize sales, it's essential to understand that there are three main types of customers who submit leads:

  1. Buy Now Customers

  2. Shoppers

  3. Researchers

Buy Now Customers

These are the leads everyone loves. They are ready to purchase immediately and often know exactly what car they want and the price they are willing to pay. These customers are straightforward and require minimal effort to close the deal.


These customers are evaluating their options. They compare trade-in values, seek the best price and lowest interest rates, and often work with multiple dealerships to find the best deal. These leads require diligence and transparency from the sales rep. While they will eventually buy a car, they need more time and information before making a decision.


Researchers can be the most frustrating for sales reps. These customers submit a lead to gather information but may not respond to follow-ups. They are not in a hurry to make a decision and prefer to take their time. If not managed properly, these leads often get lost in the funnel.

Importance of Persistence

It's vital not to give up on leads too early, especially knowing that:

  • 60% to 70% of all leads purchase between days 14 and 90.

Maintaining consistent contact is crucial for nurturing these leads through their decision-making process.

Contact Persistence Statistics

Understanding the statistics around contact persistence can help you stay motivated:

  • 2% of sales are made on the first contact.

  • 3% of sales are made on the second contact.

  • 5% of sales are made on the third contact.

  • 10% of sales are made on the fourth contact.

  • 80% of sales are made between the fifth and twelfth contact.

These numbers highlight the importance of consistent follow-up. The majority of sales occur after multiple contacts, so persistence pays off.

Actionable Steps

  1. Identify the Type of Lead:

  • Quickly categorize each lead into Buy Now, Shopper, or Researcher to tailor your approach.

  1. Stay Diligent:

  • Keep following up with Shoppers and Researchers. Provide them with the information they need and build a relationship over time.

  1. Execute your CRM System:

  • Track all interactions and set reminders for follow-ups to ensure no lead falls through the cracks.

  1. Provide Value:

  • Offer helpful information, updates on inventory, and personalized offers to keep leads engaged.

  1. Be Patient:

  • Recognize that most leads will not convert immediately. Patience and persistence are key to closing more sales.

By understanding the different types of leads and committing to consistent follow-up, you can significantly increase your chances of converting more leads into sales. Don't jump ship too early—stay the course and reap the rewards.

-Jean "Coach" Rollins

Performance Engineer

Lotpop Inc.



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