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First Impressions Matter

First impressions matter, and photos serve as the initial introduction of your dealership inventory to potential buyers. They provide a visual narrative, showcasing the vehicle's exterior, interior, and key features. A set of well-captured images can instantly grab attention and generate interest among prospective buyers browsing through listings.

Moreover, photos offer transparency and build trust. Detailed shots of the car's condition, including any imperfections or wear and tear, demonstrate honesty on the dealership's part. Transparency fosters confidence in the buyer, leading to smoother negotiations and potentially faster transactions.

But what is a set of well-captured images?  It all starts with the condition of the vehicle, where you take the photo, and even when you take the photo.  Clean cars are stars, so make your inventory pristine when it is photographed.  If you are like many dealers and there is a battle with your time to market, don’t hesitate to take photos of inventory pre-recon or even at the auction.  Be sure to let potential buyers know they are seeing the vehicle as you acquire it.  Transparency!  Take your photos in the dealership property's clean and “noise-free” area, staging if your space permits.  Be mindful of the sun, pesky shadows, and glare.  Overcast days can be great days for inventory photos outside!  Make sure those steering wheels are straight, don’t just throw the floor mats in the trunk, and please…lose the paper mats for the photos!  It’s also time to retake those images that have snow in the background.  Photos age with your inventory.  Snow in photos when shopping in June and sunny skies and greenery in January can tell a story to buyers with an investigative eye.  Update those photos before you lower that price again.

Lastly, get away from the same sequenced routine on every vehicle and take as many photos as necessary.  Sure, it’s easier to walk around the vehicle and take photos as you do.  Studies have shown that buyers typically look at six photos and then decide to keep going or move on.  Capture the key equipment early in your photographs (Apple Car Play/Android Auto, Backup Camera, Heated Seats, third-row seating, Sunroofs, etc.). Provide the potential buyer with that driver/cockpit view.  They’re going to spend a lot of time behind the wheel of that car.  Let them start imagining it now.  Be creative and strategic with your photos, and you will stand out.  Photo fatigue is a real thing, and not showcasing the great features of your vehicle with purpose will lose your potential buyers’ attention.

In the competitive automotive market, attention is currency. With countless listings vying for buyers' attention, compelling photos can make your car stand out from the crowd. Investing time and effort into capturing professional-quality images pays dividends by increasing visibility and engagement with your inventory.

-Eric Gidney

Performance Engineer

Lotpop Inc.

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Pamela Humphrey
Pamela Humphrey
18 mar
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This is a must do!!! Remember 40% of consumers are likely to purchase a vehicle based on the pictures they see online. We have to revisit this process as these vehicles change. Know what pictures and options are important to your customers today. We are in an every changing car world.

Me gusta
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