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Mastering Time Management in a Fast-Paced Car Dealership Environment


In the fast-paced dealership environment, effective time management is often the difference between success and struggle. 

   How do you prioritize your time throughout the workday? It's a question that's often overlooked but crucial for success. I ask the question because I work with many people who do not have a daily plan or time structure. Why would this matter to people in the dealership world? Everyone believes they are managing their time efficiently, but are they? 

     I hear all the time dealers have difficulty buying inventory. How much time do you invest in researching auction inventory and other channels to purchase vehicles? The dealers who struggle with acquisitions are the ones who jump in for a brief time to look for inventory. The dealers who have remarkable success are the ones who invest hours a day researching vehicle acquisitions. This is one of many examples of investing time and getting results. 

     I recently received a call from an employee at a store, I have worked with this person for quite a while. He asked me what he could do to be better at his job. I was quite taken aback when he asked me. I responded with the truth. I told him he needed to be more organized with his time; week after week, he told me how busy he was but never made gains for his efforts. We discussed his daily processes and realized he had no structure in his day. I showed him my calendar and explained how I got my task accomplished. I asked him to set up a daily routine on his calendar to structure his day. The next week when we had our meeting, I asked to see his calendar. He stated that he had not done it yet. Unfortunately for him, the following week, he was moved from Used Car Manager to salesperson. 

     I can give many examples of wasted time by people who do not manage their time to succeed. You would be surprised when I suggest that they use their calendar to set up a daily routine. Being organized is a key to success in every aspect of life, why aren’t we doing this at work where our income is driven? For salespeople, scheduling time for leads and appointments can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.  If you were a manager, would you have a daily routine to accomplish your goals? I suggest everyone should set a schedule on their calendar to have a focus on task and time management. I find it essential in today's world. 


-Bill Raynal

Performance Engineer

Lotpop Inc.



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