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Will you hold yourself accountable for 2024?

Having attended many forecast meetings over the years, the focus has always been on how much more we will sell and what our PVR will be. However, very few conversations surrounded the how-to and were more focused on the expectations.  There are so many variables that influence the volume and PVR that it's important to establish the goals, but know the challenges and know how the team can improve to achieve those goals.

Setting a forecast that is unattainable can lead to the team giving up. Focus on what is achievable, revisiting month to month and adjusting accordingly. If every team member is focusing on their part to achieve the desired outcome, results will naturally happen. The accountability needs to start from the top. The GM holds their GSM/managers accountable, and the sales managers hold their sales teams accountable. Not just reporting at the end of the month but also daily and weekly accountability meetings. These meetings should be about how we did and what more we can do to achieve the desired outcome. Measure, manage, and shift accordingly.

Some examples include but are not limited to the following:

  1. What can be done to shorten the time to go online?

  2. What can be done to increase the number of trade opportunities?

  3. What can be done to increase the amount of vehicle trades? (win percentages)

  4. What can be done to increase the contact ratio with leads?

  5. What can be done to get more reviews and referrals?

  6. What can be done to improve set appt ratios, shown appt ratios, and sold ratios?

There are so many examples of areas that can influence ability to hit those objectives, however if they are not measured and analyzed they are unlikely to be achieved.

Whether your forecast objectives are personal or professional for 2024, make sure to hold yourself and your team accountable and enjoy the results. Establish a baseline and make sure to add in a hairy, audacious goal with a big reward for the successful outcome.

2024 will be a great year only if you make it.

Happy Holidays, and here’s to a Happy New Year!

-John W Ruswick



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